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nell McConahey

I arrived in Juneau on a stunning June day in 1992. I am one of many people who came to Alaska on vacation, and stayed. Since then, Juneau and its surrounding have become home.

My husband and I have built a cabin on an island outside of Juneau where we spend most weekends. It’s a pleasure to wake up to the noises of the surf on the beach, the calling of eagles and the stunning scenery that makes up southeast Alaska. 

Simple beauty is also found in the jewelry I create. Silver, Gold-filled and copper are used alone or enhanced by stones, pearls or glass beads in a variety of colors and shapes. The ever-present spiral is found in many of my pieces. Relating to evolution, I find the spiral to be a source of intrigue and mystery as well as multicultural and of course, inspiring!

Many of my glass pieces incorporate shells or stones found on the beaches or rivers in the area. Creating lasting pieces with the lovely shells and other found objects evokes memories, happiness or just a desire to gaze. I think the simple beauty of nature’s creations is always a wonderful sight. I often use mirrors as they give additional depth to my work.

Spiral Studio is always evolving and I do try to continually create new work and be awed by the wonder that surrounds me.




More information, ordering information, and updates can be found at and on the Facebook page for Spiral Studio

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