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Lue Isaac

Lou Isaac Painting.jpg

Lue Isaac is an award-winning artist who works from the figure and from her environment. She draws with charcoal and conte on paper, and paints primarily in oils. While her subjects are clearly recognizable and masterfully drawn, she also values that her drawings are clearly marks on paper, and exuberant brushstrokes populate her paintings.

The land and sea around her, the creatures of the air, water and land, the varied humans she encounters, and the built environment she has worked in all find their way into her works. Lue finds it more appealing to take on the next challenge, than to turn out works which come too easily off the brush.

Russian impressionism, which she has studied with Ron Lukas, a protege of Sergei Bongart, and Aleksandr Zimin, a contemporary Russian master, has provided the traditional base for her loose, confident style and use of color, while her strong background in the solidity of three dimensional design and an appreciation of graphic composition bring a contemporary edge to her work.

Lue is currently producing works inspired by her life in and around Juneau as well as her travels in South Africa. She often accepts commissions for portraits, preferably from life, but also from photographic source material.

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