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Christine Kleinhenz

Christine Kleinhenz whale painting.jpeg

Artist Christine M. Kleinhenz of Tide Watcher lives and plays in Juneau, Alaska. She and her family explore the wild places at their doorstep, where Christine finds her inspiration for her paintings. 

Christine’s love for nature was nurtured in her childhood by her family.  Her father was an amateur photographer whose spirituality revolved around his connection to nature. He saw the creator’s works in the wild places and took Christine on hikes and camping all over the nation to share his spiritual connection to the earth. It was common to see them wandering around a hillside looking at the trees and searching for mushrooms or sitting on a cliff watching the birds soar and the river rushing below. Christine learned to look at her natural surroundings with respect and wonder.

As a child, Christine begged for art lessons. There she found an affinity for finding the light and shadow. She progressed while in college taking offered art courses looking at perspective. Although Christine didn’t originally go into art as her main career, she kept going back to finding solace in the mediation of creation. In the last couple of years, Christine has been using acrylic paints with striking colors and movement to show glimpses into her connection to all things natural. You can see emotions such as wonder and curiosity in those animals and scenes she paints reflecting her own feelings around such beauty. 

Commissioned Work Accepted

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