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Cameron Byrnes

Cam Byrnes Photo Whale.jpg

Cam grew up in Wisconsin, and landed in Juneau over 30 years ago. He never looked back, though he sometimes misses cows. He first picked up a camera when he was 12, and has had one in his hands almost continuously since then.

Photography has played a constant role in his life, though his interests and subjects have changed over time. After eight years as a television cameraman for KTOO-TV, (public television in Juneau), he opened his own studio, and for the next sixteen years shot weddings, family groups, pets and the occasional commercial assignment in Southeast Alaska.

Throughout this time, he continued to work on his personal vision, tending towards travel photography and abstracts or close up views of everyday subjects. In 2004 he began leading Photo Safaris for Gastineau Guiding, a local guiding company, sharing the Juneau area with small groups of tourists, mostly off the cruise ships.

These tours give him a chance to hike through the woods, visit the Mendenhall Glacier, and go whale watching almost every day of the summer. Much of his current work reflects the excitement and opportunities he experiences in his role as a guide.

While much of his work reflects the life of Southeast Alaska, he mixes in photographs from travels that have taken him to many places around the globe. He has never wavered in his joy of photography and plans to keep taking pictures until he has photographed everything.


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